Geschichte frueher Impressionen

Wurstkuchl in Regensburg - a historical place

In the olden days

Originally the historical Wurstkuchl was a small building
attached to the city wall which during the construction of the
Old Stone Bridge between 1135 and 1146 was used as a
building office. Once the bridge was finished – in those days
celebrated as the eighth wonder of the world – the office
was closed and the small building became the "Garküche auf
dem Kranchen", a kitchen providing slow-simmered meals for crane workers. The kitchen´s customers were dockers and builders hence the name "Kranchen" a former word for crane. There were plenty of dockers in those days as the wealthy tra-ding patricians of the free city of Regensburg used the port intensively for centuries as place of trans-shipment for goods from all over the world. The hungry workers however mainly came from the building site of the Regensburg cathedral.